YouTube Channel Terminated - Tim's Electric

Just a heads-up, without warning on Tuesday I had my YouTube Channel Terminated during a livestream…kinda scary. I got it back up on Thursday…but it happens to you let me know.
I’m back and here’s my first Video :slight_smile:

Thats scary. What did you do to get canceled and what did you have to do to get it reinstated?

Hi Ginger on Wheels,
I really don’t know…at the time it was cut off (I assume by a bot), I was reading from an American newspaper about a scooter ride share program coming into Milwaukee. I’m not a conflict type of YouTuber so I am perplexed as to why. After a couple of days YouTube agreed to put the channel back up but they maintain that the content was the following:

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our harmful and dangerous policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:”

Again…I am at a loss as to understand why…I reached out and asked them to re-review and they came back with the same info…no idea sadly.

As to how I got reinstated…I’m going to go into it in more detail in a Meetup that i run but basically I followed up through the Termination email (if you think a mistake has been made etc.).

What I can share that I didn’t even realize would happen, is that the gmail account, google docs, everything was gone…and any account (YouTube/Google) associated with me would be deleted too and a lifetime ban for having a YouTube account…which is extra frightening as my wife has two YouTube channels.

FYI…the video was super boring and not hate filled, I promise…the other YouTuber I was collaborating with was in shock…but interestingly his livestream wasn’t touched …so grateful his channel wasn’t deleted too…but odd that mine was.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: Cheers

Strange. I’m glad you’re back. Let us know if you find out any more details.

Will do :slight_smile: But it’s unlikely…as YouTube don’t communicate when you reach out particularly well…there’s no clarity :frowning: