Xiaomi M365 ish power circuit trouble

I have a Hover-1 Alpha (seems to have a blue Journey display PCB) and I got no power via the power button on the gooseneck. Battery measures 37V. I have 2 pins on the display/power PCB marked ES and 12V. ES is battery voltage @ 37V but 12V pin is dead. I see other PCBs like this that have the ES labeled SW and when I jump these 2 pins, I get ~10V out of the battery (still registers 37V behind the BMS) and no display. When I give the 12V pin an actual 12V out of an external battery, I get the display to turn on via the button, a beep and 00 displayed but the battery indicator is now flashing and the ES wire now reflects 10-12 volts. I think the PCB is shorting something and the BMS is going into short circuit protection mode? The switch needs 12V to operate, I just dont know how the switch get it if the 12V pin is dead. 5 pin harness tones out. Im getting an entire controller/display/throttle kit to swap all this stuff out, cheaper than a replacement proprietary 350W controller for this. Any thoughts?