Which scooter for 245lb rider for under $1000

Need a scooter to get around when I’m in Florida. Won’t get used much but want decent mileage while I’m there.

I know almost nothing about them but I see so many options. Less than a $1000 preferred and able to accommodate 250lb rider. Thanks for the help.

A few options out there…I’m 255lbs so do check out my channel to see others.
Currently I like the Varla for getting around town and not worrying about flat tires and range
and also the UScooter GT SE…plenty of speed…super small and light and amazing for commuting in and around town :slight_smile:
Here’s a video that might help too:

Thank you.

I’ve decided to up my price range to get more range and I’ve narrowed it down to the Nanrobot D4+ 3.0.

Any opinion on this scooter?

sadly, I haven’t tried the Nanrobot :frowning:

I recently stumbled upon this article which lists 14 electric scooters for heavy adults.

Although the top 7 in their list cost more than $1K, they last 7 cost less.

Some of them are

  • Hiboy TITAN G2 Pro
  • Segway Ninebot MAX
  • Gotrax G4

…and others…

You should check it out if you feel like checking all the options.

VORO EMOVE Touring …
Suports: 310 lb
Max speed: 18.3 mph
Max range: 15.9 mi
Can still handle an incline and not crap out