Where do you ride?

Any recommendations would be welcomed :slight_smile:

Everywhere I can!
Just like you, Tim, we are fortunate to have some great places to ride and explore but for the new rider I recommend just riding around the neighborhood. You’ll be amazed at the new places you’ll find just in your area!

Looking forward to exploring more as I review larger scooters and less range anxiety :slight_smile:Cheers

We have part of town called the bench that sits up higher, along the edge there is a path that goes along and overlooks the city. Great view of town and the hills and for some reason its not nearly as crowded as the path by the river.

Where do you live at? I love to ride all around Colorado. There is lots of river trails in Denver and all the sporting arenas are very close to each other.

One of my favorite rides is cruising around Lake Dillon by Breckenridge resort. It’s gorgeous!

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I live in South Florida in the suburban concrete jungle, so I ride sidewalks and bike paths, often with my 12 year old son. We like to find raised areas in the side walks, mini ramps, where we can do little jumps our scooters and pull some wheelies. We ride to the store, or to the coffee shop. It’s a little too long to walk but way more fun to take our scoots rather than the car. It’s hot down here, so riding in full gear ain’t happening but we do wear helmets. [https://youtu.be/lTAucFsznPg] :smiley: