What's your favorite thing about electric scooters?

I love all PEVs, personal electric vehicles, especially scooters!

My favorite thing about scooters is the smiles it brings to my family’s faces. From nieces and nephews to my father in law, all ages love them.

I also love how electric scooters are easy to operate. Trying to reach someone how to ride a Onewheel or EUC can be quite the challenge.

What’s your favorite thing about electric scooters?

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I love the convenience of it and feeling or freedom,not having to be on the bus or train. I get to places faster as well


No exhaust. Gas scooters killed me until I wised up. Not sure if I’m on the right forum tho. Mine is mostly a sit down, though I can see an ability to stand once I get used to it. I have this one as of yesterday. 3 months wait from China. Less than 2k to my door.


That’s a pretty sweet scooter right there! This is more of a stand up scooter group but we love all PEVs. We love electric over gas. Do you have to register that beast?

Nice looking scooter buddy, thanks for the review of it as well…

I have the 30-40mph Varla Eagle One scooter and this thing is a beast! Scary even at top speeds. My wife and I left a Donut Shop a few miles away from our home at the same time… she in her car and me on my scooter. We got home about the same time since being on a scooter, you can find ways around waiting for every stop light. This kind of proved to me you don’t really need to take a car to get anywhere locally. It takes practically the same amount of time to travel… only it is much more fun flying on a scooter. I live in California by the way. I hope they don’t start making laws on max scooter speeds here.

The ability to weave in and out of traffic downtown passing cars that are bumper to bumper waiting on lights to change, people to turn then looking for a parking spot. Usually one that is several blocks away from where you’re going. And, for me, the ability to ride it inside the hospital I work and not having to walk down all those long and winding corridors. I just zip right on buy.

Hey Lotus,
I just got myself a Varla Eagle one. Mind if I ask you some questions about it?

Sure. Go ahead. What did you want to know about it?