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Hi just joined I’m in the got scooter on fb just finished watching the Inokim Oxo review and I think I’m going to test ride I just bought the Inokim light 2 and I love it not a week old yet I’m glad we have this platform for deeper discussion on scooters


Welcome to our growing family! Thanks for joining! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and contribute!

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happy to be here …

11.000km on an 2017 etwow-booster (still on its first battery :wink:

just had to get a new spring for the front suspension - 13 bucks on aliexpress … other than that a few drops of oil and checking for loose screws twice a year … its as low maintainance as they come …

must have paid for itself 4 or 5 times by now (bought it used w/ 40km on the odo)

cheers to all


You bought it used AND you’ve put 11,000 km on it! You definitely got your money’s worth with your Etwow!

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Hi, my name is Lara. How are you guys
I’m so excited to be here. I finally found a platform where I can have a deeper discussions on scooters and scooter gear.