Waiting for Amazon to ship my scooter

Hello all i am new here . What are some major scooter warehouse online websites … feeling like I shouldnt of had baught MY BRAND NEW GOTRAX G4 on amazon but i still received 80 dollar coupon and free shipping . still waiting on it to get here ordered it friday says july 26 at latest so hopfully i get it sooner . Currently i own a gotrax xr and after a couple foot plants 180s and alot of jumping it with my 223 lbs and lots lots of miles and abuse after putting on my explosion proof tires front and back . the front forks bent but i kicked it back to almost perfect i am very lucky and happy/proud about . The gotrax xr was not cutting it anymore that i bought for used to brand new for 150. my new next buy will be the dual tron though!!!

Has anyone ever changed front forks out on a gotrax of other electric scooter ?

Also does anybody know about a scooter code reader of some sort of computer reader . i hope my g4 comes with an app or something to monitor everything.

Any replys are very much so apreciated . . . and if any1 needs someone to scoot with and do fun stuff . or there are any scooter meets in orange county ca . dm me .