Varla Pegasus any reviews?

Varla Pegasus dual 500watt 48v 15ah solid tires/ no air any reviews or company issues ?

I think we are the only ones to review it. I think there is only a few preproduction models out currently. It’s a sweet scooter with a few flaws like all scooters. Really depends on what you’re looking for. We made 3 videos on it and have a full write up.


Thank you for replying, and the video. Looking for my first scooter. Don’t want to spend more than about $1200 ~ish. I live around Chicago so I can’t blast through the streets without drawing attention from the cops. I’m kind of on the fence about something small like Leeds 6ah 350watt scoot for errands round town or a mid range dual motor, more of a cool hobby. Got to save some cash so I have time to look. Also it has to have solid tires / no air. I cannot deal with fixing flat tires anymore…

Sounds like the Varla Pegasus is a great choice that meets your budget and offers dual solid tires. Not too fast so it won’t draw too much attention from the police.

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looks swweeeet too :slight_smile: