Varla Eagle One Q&A

I just purchased a Varla Eagle One for my first PEV and I have a few questions on it as I’ve never had an electric scooter before.

  1. In the steering there seems to be a notch in the rotation at center, is that normal? A centering guide?

  2. Mine came with both rotors rubbing the brake pads, the rotors seem to be warped a bit. Is this common?

  3. Has anyone had an issue with the rear wiring getting caught on the front wheel when turning?

Excited to ride but have some minor quips to deal with first. Thanks for the help in advance. Cheers!

Love my Varlas :slight_smile:
Can you make a short video showing all three issues and maybe I can help ?
I’m just not sure on either of them :slight_smile: Cheers

  1. Yes, that appears to be a deliberate feature of these Varlas.
  2. It is common. You need to adjust brakes before riding. Rotors may get warped in transit, in which case they’d need to be straightened.
  3. It should be easily fixable with cable ties or something.

Yes, that notch is something you definitely want there. It works as a dampener to prevent wheel wobbles at high speed. Not sure if you’ve noticed yet or not but you basically never turn the bars that much and you can turn the scooter just by leaning alone. Almost every accident on a scooter I’ve seen is because somebody turned too sharp.

My disc brakes did not rub when I assembled it. Maybe they were bent a little bit during shipping? Or they just need a tuneup at your local shop.

Yes, the wires are a mess up front. Get some fabric cable ties to try and manage it better. Mine would only catch when I was walking it and I have to turn extremely sharp to get around hallway corners or some thing. They will never catch while you’re riding it since you almost never turn the bars enough for it to do that.