Tuning Scooters aka removing the devices limiting the true potential of the e-scooters

Hello Community

Would anyone know, if there are ready-made tuning kits or diy-instructions to lift the top speed limitations imposed by European laws? Do they just insert a device to limit the top speed or is it controller-managed?
I am glad for any input as -living in Switzerland- we have been limited worse than our surrounding neighbor countries to 20 km/h max speed for any scooters.

Thanks in advance

Lucky Sccot

@Lucky_Scoot great question. Many scooter brands have a speed limiting wire that is part of the controller design. If this wire is cut, the speed will no longer be limited. For example: ZERO scooters, Dualtron Scooters and VSETT scooters all have a speed limiting wire for Europe regulations. Ask your local distributor/dealer. Another option is to lower the speed setting in the LCD throttle. Most scooters have user adjustable settings and one of these settings will limit speed. This can be turned up or down at your convenience.

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Thanks for your information. Alas, neither of my scooters have adjustable settings (at least not yet) and fumbling around the controller I guess would void the warranty. I guess I’ll wait for the warranty to be over to give it some serious workover. :smiley: