Took Delivery Yesterday 3000 watt, 63v

I’m a newbie here. Sold my cough, cough, kymco Like 200i this past winter and sent the proceeds to China. 3 months later my scooter arrived. Really like it. 63v, 3000 watt, 20ah… nice range 35 miles or so.

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Looks like a ton of fun! Let us know how it rides.

Very nice. I find myself standing half the time. Learning curve for me as I never had a standing scoot and I’m 62.

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Nice looking ride…Let us know what you think of it

Bright led dash lights require it to be covered to see anything at night. Once covered the headlight just does an ok job of lighting things up. May need adjustment. I don’t drive much at night anyway.

Power is great. I could stand to lose a few dozen pounds and it still gets in spec mileage and speed. Strong buy recommend for anyone considering these types of scoots. Alarm, column lock, charger, cell phone holder (I don’t use those, so I left it off) with usb charger. Speed, sturdiness… all there.

I’m a lifelong scooter/ mc person so I know what I like. My last bike was a kymco like 200i . I had a terrible reaction to the exhaust every time I rode it. . The mirrors line up perfectly on this. Never could get the like’s mirrors to line up to functionality… none of us could. Had a dozen or more bikes in my life. Like this one the best bc there is no exhaust or chance to burn my leg.

Always looking for an excuse to ride it. Lots of steep hills, including my driveway and it pulls me up all of them… Until I lose some weight, I’ll keep it topped up just to be sure. . :relieved:

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