Throttle trouble

I have a wolfmac h6 escooter the finger throttle is damaged irrepairably does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement finger throttle or ideally a twist throttle that could be used but must be plug and play

conversion options: finger and thumb throttle with a LCD display stand up scooter are plug and play.

A wrist throttle requires opening the LCD unit and removing the 3 wires for the throttle and welding wrist throttle wires or cutting them and connecting them with something water proof.

Either way you want to look at the front of you LCD display. It has letters/numbers on it and they are how you classify the one you want to order.

I assume it is (QS-S4)
Then you need a user manual for the make and model to set up the P setting

P 3 and P 7 done wrong will destroy your motor/motors in a second
P 6 determines your speed and distance traveled
P 15 prevents you from fully killing the batteries

These settings are make and model specific and the P settings are easy to get to.

turn the scooter on and push and hold the power button and the mode button at the same time when your turning on the LCD display

power button cycles through the settings
mode button adjusts the settings