That was pretty violent

Please be careful out there. This is a pretty scary collision.

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Wow that was really bad for both people involved. In the riders defence he didn’t seem to be going stupid fast and actually looked like he was trying to give the person walking on his left ample room when he passed and for that reason was a little closer to the bus than maybe he would have ordinarily been. Also in his defence the woman didn’t look both was when she was exiting the bus.That could have just as easly been a skate boarder or someone on a bicycle that she steped out in front of… Like I said very unfortunate for both people…

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Agreed. It could have been any type of collision but it was an electric scooter in this case which doesn’t reflect well for the electric scooter community.

Ouch…poor passenger :frowning:

Got to always be aware and anticipate.

3 different views, stills and we still don’t know what hit the pentagon. Seems legit.