Solid tires feedback

Any feedback on solid tires ? I am looking to get something with solid tires I do not want to deal with flat tires anymore.


for what kind of scooter?

I saw the owner at RTG installing some on a Zero 9 yesterday and he put zip ties through each spoke and looped through the honeycomb tire on the rim to avoid slipping.

Yeah, I agree. Think I spent more time changing tyres than actually riding the bl00dy thing. Just to jump on the bandwagon, does anyone know if solid tyres are available for a Inokim Oxo (normally take 10.2"/10.3" tyres). Cheers. :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea :bulb:

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Fixing flat tires sucks. I won’t do it on a scooter…

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They’re great for not getting a flat and good wear on them but I hated them on my last scooter. Very rough riding even on smooth paved roads.

The pegasus and Hero s8. i have both and they are excellent.