Powerful EUC vs E-scooter, fair comparison?

Who rides both EUC and e-scooters? Which do you prefer and why?


Can’t get enough of WrongWay’s channel. Love his content. Agree that both EUC and Scooters are phenomenal. There are uses for both but the EUC outshines in nearly every category.

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I love the handsfree nimble ride of the EUC, but steep learning curve is a difficult barrier to overcome. I love that escooters are so easy for just about anyone to jump on and ride comfortably.

Nice topic. Guys I don’t agree tottaly with Adam, ofcourse I respect him and I appreciate him but I have different opinion. With E scooter that are based on bikes, motorcycles, their stracture are created many years and for many reasson stayed like that. It’s more safe and you can have better control, if you crash it has difference distance and that’s very important also. They have many possitive thinks the EUC but it’s like we try to make race between car vs motorcycle. There are many many more points that I can speak about… Greetings.

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Scooters are definitely more familiar to people with a background in bikes and motorcycles. Whenever I see a video like this… EUC vs Escooter or PEV vs PEV, I always think how blessed we are to even have these options. In the end, it’s the consumer and enthusiasts that win no matter which PEV you choose to ride!