Need help with tires

HI all
I have a Laotie es19 with the OEM street tires is came with
I have gone over this scooter, tightened everything, inspected everything
No matter what I do, how I mount the front tire, different tubes ETC I cannot get rid of the wobble and shake of the tire after 40mph, I really thinking it has something to do with the tire and the tube, this is a split rim tire with a tube
I am looking for a pure street style tire in the size of 10x4.5 -6
Does PMT or any other manufacturer have a crossover tire that will work with this scooter?
TY for all the help

its hard to get freeway rated tires that are tube less for a 10 inch split hub. Plus the manual even say that we should not even go past 25 lol. It becomes more unstable and goes through tubes weekly.

But i fixed the problem for my eagle one. I can do 35 no problem and my tires are solid. It keeps more traction, i never replace tubes, i am not constantly messing with my hub and NEVER again will i have to get a stripped bolt out in order to use my scooter.

so here is for your situation. Make sure you put the tire and the disk on right. There are arrows that point the direction of the spin.

next check your washers that hold the tire in position… they have to go on how they came off or it gets wobbly. Mine has 2 on the disk side and one on the other side.

Next if you can flip the scooter upside down and have it level you are able to free spin in and adjust that way. I get it close to where it needs and hand tighten the bolts.

Flip it back over and before tightening the bolts roll the scooter forward 5 feet or so and if you did the other steps then the wheel will adjust it self and you can tighten it in