Need foldable electric scooter

Hi, I am a newbie. I am looking for a foldable electric scooter. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

How old are you, where do you live, how much experience do you have riding 2 wheels? You want portable street commuter or off-road? How important is portability? Whats your budget?

Any Dualtron or WEPED if money is no object.
Emove Cruiser
Kugoo M4
Laotie Ti30

Citycoco various models

Goccia benelli GEV400/1000/2000/3000, G01
Xtreme Cabo cruiser and

I suggest checking out Hoodax Panther HB05C. Can be found on eBay. This electric scooter is a beast.

According to this website this scooter is:

  • Foldable
  • 200 Kg Max Load
  • 90 Km top speed and
  • 60 Km range with a single charge.

Only con, is that it is kind of expensive. Its price is over $1000K

What do you guys think of the look Pure Advance Pure Electric scooter? Looks like their aiming to be the Brompton of the e-scooter world - I’ll be keeping my eye on it

Most scooters have a steering column that drops to the deck. So with a deck hook… you can keep it folded.

If I wanted to have something compact… I would look at scooters by weight first.
Second I would check Legislation … unless you have a motor cycle license…

Perfect place to start:
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