Looking to sell my e-scooter - opinions on value

Hi everyone,

I like in the UK and unfortuantely the law is still so very strict on the use of e-scooters, or any PEV really. In addition, I feel like I’m the only one out there using a scooter/PEV, which is predominantly on the same cyclepath every day (which can still get me into trouble with Officer plod). So I’ve decided enough is enough and decided to sell my Inokim (Taisom Ir Gaminam) Oxo e-scooter, which is a shame because I love it (recently bought a new small, fun car to replace it).

As such I was looking for some advice from you guys on what I should sell it for and how to go about it. The e-scooter was bought in April 2021 and is the newer model Oxo with better brakes, more powerful output etc. But I’ve had ‘Taisom’ do their magic since then and it’s now an absolute monster. New Spec as follows:

  • Display: 750c Programmable Unit (selectable power modes: 1 - 5)

  • Throttle: Upgraded Thumb Throttle / Power Switch

  • Controllers: Fully Re-Programmed Dual ASI BAC 855s

  • Battery: Massive Custom Built Samsung 72v (20s7p / 28Ah / 290a = 20kW)

  • Motors: Dual Oxo Motors (6500w peak per motor = 13kW total. Can be increased to 15kw)

  • 72v/4A Fast Battery Charger

  • Cooling: Motor ‘Wings’ (front & rear)

  • Upgraded 10.3" Tyres

  • Other Mods: Kick start disabled, significantly improved Inokim hydraulic brakes (not the poorer Zoom ones), upper deck raised (to fit new battery - just!), uprated brake pads + other stuff.

  • Range: 40+mls (Dual Motor) / 70+mls (Single Motor)

  • Speed: 85+mph/137+kmh running dual motors/Speed setting ‘5’ (manufacturer claim)

This scooter is insane, and recently had the power dropped to 13kw due to Mode 5 being completely unusable/pointless (still balistic but will not throw me into a bush or oncoming traffic now). I’ve had it upto 60mph+ on Mode 3 and it had sooo much more to give. The power is honestly endless. But at the same time the throttle is so much nicer/smoother than the original Oxo - you can just feather it and you can easy cruise at 5mph but smash it and it’s a trip back to 1955!

I’m honestly going to miss it, more so that I’ve only just recently got it but I think I’ll wait until the UK law catches up with modern times/the rest of the world before buying another. Base scooter cost £2200 brand new with the Taisom upgrades costing in excess of £3500+.
So what do you think guys? And how do go around selling a thing like this? It’s not like a car where we can go for a test drive. I’d never see it again, lol. Thanks for any info, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Do you still have the scooter?

It sounds phenomenal. The only problem you may have is people are looking for new or almost new. I don’t know if you said how old it is or how many miles you have on it. I’m guessing that you should be able to get at least half for what you paid for it - perhaps a bit more. I understand that it’s against the law to drive a scooter anywhere in the UK except for private property and you must have permission to do even that? Do they enforce that law like they do many others? Or, do people ride them anyway? I’ve oftened wondered about that. I’m in Birmingham (US) and thankfully I’m able to ride mine anywhere. Even on the highway. That may be against the law though but they seldom enforce it. How much in dollars did you pay for it and what are you asking?


Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply. Things got a bit crazy the last couple of months. But yeah, I still have the scooter (just stripped and re-built it actually in prep for the winter months).
But the UK law stipulates that these machines should not be used anywhere except private land (total nonsense really), but so long as you’re not an idiot, geared up etc they don’t even bother acknowledging you, which is great. But as for use on the road - that’s an absolute no-no, which is fair enough.

And the scooter has 128miles on it, which is mainly set up miles for when I was building and testing it. But I’ve decided to keep it for now and will decide if it’s going or being kept early next year. I keep thinking, I never use it so sell it and let someone one else with time on their hands get the benefit out of it. But then I have a quick go on it after servicing or tweaking etc and it’s just insane to ride/don’t want to let it go because I know apart from a Rion I’ll never get anything as close to it (build quality and sheer power). So will hold off for now and see what happens next year.



P.S: Some vids of it in use if anyone is interested: Crazy Like A Fox - YouTube
I’ve not gone crazy on these vids due to being prodominantely on Cyclepaths and don’t want to wipe some poor bast out. :slight_smile: