How often do you guys get flats?


So… i recently hit 700 miles on a Varla Eagle One. Calculated up my cost of tubes and cost of tires and products trying to prevent flats…cost me $1 every mile i ride. AND NOTHING WORKED!!

Things i tried:

1: Slime (this is not a bike)
2: Expensive Slime (what a mess)
3: bigger tubes (they fold and don’t last long)
4: mini pocket bike tubes (those destroyed the inside of a tire in a month)
5: smaller tubes (they are what Varla sells and they are the wrong size)
6: solid tires (don’t use these if you go over 15 mph)
7: contacted several manufacturer to find a solution (hahahaha they didn’t even call me back)
8: asked the manager at the tire shop (3 days of research and he suggested the tires i had 2 sets ago)
9: shoved a solid tire inside of a normal one during winter and used screws to hold it in and give traction in the snow…(it was fun for about 3 blocks)

The snow tires did not work out…when there was patches with little or no snow… you just slide all over the road…but these tires make me think and… about 4 months of trial and error and about $1500 I FINALLY DID IT.

Now i have tires with no tubes on a split hub motor (supposed to have tubes) It is impossible to flatten…there are some up and down sides though
on the down side
My top speed was 36 mph and so far i have not passed 34 mph with new tires. I had to loosen the shocks.
on the up side
I hit top speed in under a block now. It speeds up so fast between 1-25 that the speedometer skips numbers. It no longer spins out when i take off. when i hit above 20 the scooter is stable as a rock. I wow i just realized i wont have to take apart my wheels again for a very long time.

So what kind of solutions are working for you guys?


150 miles at 25-40 mph. Zero problems

today the tires passed the test. Took my hand off the bars doing over 20 mph and hit a dip or something. Front end jerked left, right, left, right. I was ready for broken foot #2

Tapped the throttle. Tires grabbed the pavement and stood me straight back up. What a rush. Love this shit.

no one but me has these or knows how i make them. Epic