Hover-1 Transport

I currently have a Hover-1 Transport that I bought from Walmart (Robot or human?) about a year ago and I’ve used it around 20 times. I went to go turn it on one day and the screen said “E2”. I tried searching it up and it said something was wrong with the battery but I didn’t want to purchase one so I just left it. About a week later, forgetting it gave me an error code, I went to go use it but this time, it said “E2”, I looked this one up too and it said it had something to do with the motor, I took the motor off and opened it up and now I don’t know what to do from here.

Error E2 – accelerator failure, the accelerator needs to be replaced

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take off the handle grip and unscrew the accelerator. The wire that connects it to the control unit is probably split in half.