Hover-1 Alpha battery

Anyone know of a replacement for this e-scooter or does anyone know what cells are used so i could possibly replace them.

cells are GZNS18650MP-2000 and the BMS is an LT-BZB10-37285-DD3CC1-V1. If oyu are repoairing or re-celling, could you check the yellow pin of display for 37V? My blue display PCB has ES (37V) and 12V (0V) as the 2 switch wires but when I short them, my BMS drops down to 10V output and of course the battery monitor flashes as the sense voltage is now 10-12V instead of 37. Not sure whats going on.

Hello Steve, it is better that you show a video for the problem, maybe our team tech can help you.

The BMS was faulty. I put in another BMS and I no longer get the phantom short prevention (?) drop in voltage.