Hills of San Francisco

Hello. My daughter is going to spend some time in SF as an intern for a chocolatier. I think a scooter would be a great way to get around. Man there are so many. Any SF people out there with recommendations? We both like the looks of the Unagi E500. But looks aint everything. Thanks everyone.

Hi Matthew,
SF is lovely and the E500 should be a great fit…super light, easy to fold up and keep safe plus it looks cool too :slight_smile: You could also look at the Uscooter GT SE or V Booster (also Uscooter). I’ve reviewed them both and they’re amazing, not as pretty as the Unagi but very light and functional.
p.s. Link here to one of my reviews in case it helps : Uscooter GT SE Electric Scooter Review Filmed in 4K - Big Guy Review - YouTube

thank you for the reply. You’ve confirmed my thoughts. I went ahead and ordered the UNAGI. Can’t wait to try it out.

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