Fat tire scooters - no tires?

Please let me know if anyone knows a source to get tires for this HL3.0. …? Thank you. Anyone ever buy on alibaba?

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Hangzhou Horeca Technology is a ripoff company on alibaba. 8 months now, they have 5 grand of my money. No scooters, no parts, no tracking number. Beware of these people.

Alibaba also lost 150 of a partial refund because their sys would not take credit card 8 months ago; and they only refund to original payment… What? Where did that rule come from. So basically they can receive wire transfers w/ an intermeidary bank but pretend not to know how to do it in reverse. How convenient.

Crazy company even lied about having a US warehouse. Ah well… There goes my scooter passion. I don’t think I want to throw any more money at my addiction. I really miss my scooter though. These people are liars. 9 months now. I guess they think it’s ok for a 63 year old man to wait forever for something like this. Sorry to only come here to vent. I was hoping to share my new scooters or at least say I was up and running again. I know for sure the US has bigger issues… This is my only issue, my passion for scooters has gobbled up 5k and I got jacked. lolz

Well it took forever, but I got a refund and bought 4 tires elsewhere & we thought that was also lost, so I duplicated the order w/ another supplier & the both arrived within a week of each other. Pretty sure I now have enough fat tires that my pall bearers can all get one each as well.

My scooter is at the shop & I may actually get to ride this weekend if I don’t die from excitement of a finally realized anticipation. :woozy_face: Trying to buy a backup scooter, now they require I buy 2 more scooters to get even one more. Even that would not have been an issue had they not waited 2 months after I ordered one more to tell me.

Would like to sell these fat tire scooters as a hobby, but there appears to be sparse interest in the US for them… especially in this very red state I now live in . To get the ones w/ the colored frame like this one, one has to buy 100 or more units… I even offered to pay more for one…

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Thank you

Well, finally got a supply of tires. I ordered 4 and 2 sets of brakes from one supplier and when it appeared to be lost I repeated the order w/ another ali supplier. Of course murphy’s law dictates both orders eventually showed up… :roll_eyes:

Now I have fat tires for days. Very expensive but worth it. Got her back on the road. And ordered two more scooters, only bc they wouldn’t let me buy just one this time.