Driver's licence to be required for electric scooter users

Pros and cons to such a move?

After watching quite a few Korean riders brave some insane traffic I’m not surprised.

Also Korea is where I see most of the 80+mph speed runs being posted from on modded Dualtrons.

I think a Driving Licence is a bit much. I would suggest a Motorcycle CBT in order to instill basic road awareness and common sense. Then if you are caught speeding etc, then they can fine/ban you for being reckless because with a CBT you should know better. This is all you need to legslly ride a 50/125cc moped in the UK. For me it makes sense really. :kick_scooter::+1:

I think it’s great that we currently have minimal regulations governing the use of PEVs. I know that this is subject to change. I think PEV owners should be required to have a driver’s license. Why? Because for safety reasons, every rider should have a basic understanding of safe riding knowledge which includes knowing the basic rules of the road. There are quite a few areas where trial by error is the rule of the day when it comes to riding PEVs but having a driver’s license can put a person ahead of the game, in my opinion.