Does this sound like a battery issue to you?

Hi, I’m DJ. New here. Have an issue going on looking for some input.
I have a Fiebor Q06 5,600W, 60V, 36Ah, turbo and dual drive scooter. I purchased this because my old 800W Evercross H5 wouldn’t pull even a slope much less a hill. I live on the mountain and it’s full of hills. My scooter is dying on me and shutting down. Sometimes it will let me ride it in gear one, single drive without the turbo engaged

. The moment I go from gear 1 to 2 or 3, or turn on Turbo mode of dual drive the scooter dies and shuts down on me. My voltage readout before this happens is right at 62V. Does this sound like a battery issue to you? I’m not sure what to think. After it dies on me I’m unable to turn anything on. But, the moment I plug in the chargers the dashboard comes right back on. The last time this happened I got it back on again, took the chargers off, laid it on it’s side, taped the throttle all the way down and let it run with both turbo and dual drive engaged. It ran indefinitely until I turned it off after about 15 minutes. Thinking it must have been a one time incident I took it out for another ride, started just in gear 1 but once again the moment I put it in gear 2 or 3 or hit either the turbo button or dual drive it died on me immediately. Unless my weight is causing the scooter to require more battery power I don’t understand why it will run on it’s side indoors and not turn off. Can batteries behave like this? Does this sound like a battery problem or perhaps some mechanical component malfunctioning? Any input would be appreciated.


Hey fella. I remember when I was building up my Oxo and it would drive great but when I put it into full throttle mode I’d get an error and the front motor would refuse to engage unless i shut down the scooter and turned it back on. I thought it was a power issue too until I soon confirmed it was the controller that was the issue. Re-mapped it and working fine now. Not sure if it’s a similar issue to yours however. Is there any Scooter (or similar) stores in your area that can have a look at it? - test the controllers, battery, wiring etc? Sounds like it’s overloading and having none of it/going into a limp mode. Weird.