Big loss for the escooter community: Wrong Way's Announcement

If you haven’t heard, one of my favorite electric scooter and EUC reviewers, Adam from the YouTube channel Wrong Way, announced that he will stop reviewing electric scooters to focus on his passion for EUCs. I commend Adam and his great YouTube channel for following his passions. See his announcement here:

What are your favorite sources for electric scooter review information? Please share.


Good for him. That means he is chasing his passion not the money. Always respected WrongWay and his channel.


Wrong Way has the best jingle of any electric scooter YouTuber out there!

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Sad to lose him in the scooter world. His unbiased reviews are some of my favorite. Luckily, we will get to continue watching his EUC videos.


He seems great person everything you will follow Adam wish you all the best!!

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donno … I quite often found his reviews were fairly biased … esp. the EUC vs. e-scooter (one of his last ones - is def. not up to high standards)

He definitely has much more passion for EUCs than Escooters.