Better to rent escooters than to own?

There is definitely a convenience that comes with renting but for the type of riding I do, ownership is for me.


Rentals are nice if you’re going somewhere and don’t want to worry about finding a good place to lock up or store it. Also if you’re traveling they’re great. The costs definitely add up if you’re using them full time or just like to go cruising. If you live outside of downtown availability can be spotty as well. For me having consistent availability and better speed/range owning wins, but I can definitely see it being harder for people who live down town.

One idea for those people might be a monthly subscription option for commuters. It would allow lower costs to the consumer and more consistent revenue for the company. Maybe limit it to 15 minutes a day or something so it’s only used for actual transportation and not just people keeping them checked out all day or riding until their dead. Chargers could also see where subscribers unlock and use that for their initial seeding.

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Better to own. You can’t really get a full experience of the joy of riding until you have your own, in my opinion.

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Ownership has its advantages. Renting can be convenient in big cities that allow them… until you need a scooter to go somewhere but can’t find one.

Depends on how much you use them. If you don’t want the upkeep I’d rent. But I ride mine all the time for miles. Plus you can’t rent any where I live that are fast.