Best Helmet 25mph

I just got a Inokim Ox Super. Top speed about 25mph. They gave me a helmet which is almost identical to my helmet I used for my e board. Triple 8. So do I need a motorcycle helmet?

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Hi Chris, my thought on this is what you’re planning to use the scooter for…if you’re on bike paths, cruising around at 15 Mph then I think you’re probably fine with a decent bike helmet …but if you’re a speed demon, maxing out the scooter’s top speed and doing jumps…then full face could really help :slight_smile: Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:
P.S. I did a review video here:
that you might want to see…my cameraman was only going about 2-3 Mph and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks…be careful :slight_smile:

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I would agree with Tim. The Inokim is a really conservative scooter so I would feel safe with having a good bike helmet up to 15 mph. I did just see an accident recently about a zero 11x that had a crash at 5 mph, and slammed the rider into the ground. He did take his left hand off the handlebar, and accidentally pulled the throttle with his right hand. The Inokim doesn’t have that instant torque so I wouldn’t worry about having the same issue.

If you do plan on doing a lot of night riding, I would suggest a full face helmet. It’s just hard to see potholes at night and a full face helmet is cheaper than dental work.