Battery full charge but scooter won’t move

i have a
hover way sprinter. bought in 2019. hardly used.the battery is. full charge and
the lcd indicator show an error code
with an exclamation point. and a picture that looks
like a right handle that turns. any idea
what that warning is. for? la

The error codes are numbers. If your seeing pictures…they are probably Chinese numbers.

is that the image?

There is a connection problem between the motor and the display unit.
Any places the cable connects to another one… pull them apart and check the pins. Make sure none are bent.

If that does not help… make sure there is not a problem with the battery and where the metal touches inside the bike… look for damage (burn marks) if so sand paper to clean the connection.

if that does nothing… its possible the P settings are wrong and the battery is over charged. P 3 is voltage and should say 36.

To access the P settings on the display you push and hold 2 of the buttons when you turn it on… generally the 2 on the out side and not the one in the middle. The first P 1 is just the brightness of the screen so it is ok to push the wrong button to find out what button changes the settings and what button scrolls to the next one.

If none of these help.

If your lucky… but I doubt they connect you to anyone. it looks like a fly by night - rebranded - China special you bought

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