A 9 mile an hour speed limit on escooters!?

I’m all for keeping people safe, but this seems a little much…

They did this in New Zealand over a year ago now. The city centres have a geofence around the CBD that all the HIRE scooters are limited within through agreement with the hire scooter companies.

Scooters are still used and popular, however for commutes or trips on the fringe of the CBD it is extremely annoying.

Personal scooters are not limited. But theoretically I guess you could get a ticket from authorities, but I’ve never seen that happen. If you ride with courtesy and safety around people it’s not an issue - this whole restriction was really around first-time users or drunk people renting scooters and going nuts/crashing.

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9 Mph is very slow…but have you seen the drivers in Moscow? Holy Cow…nuts to be on the roads with those guys lol :slight_smile:

That’s madness. People could almost walk faster. And there’s thousands of accidents caused by Motorbikes and Cars around the world. So by that logic maybe they should impose 9mph speed limits on them too. Crazy. Let’s hope that insane rule is not considered anywhere else. :+1: