2021 Guide to Electric Scooter Laws in the United States

Great guide on electric scooter legality in the US. Scroll down to your state and see what the laws are. Great work, put together by the folks at Unagi! How are escooter laws in your area? Check out the escooter guide here: https://unagiscooters.com/articles/the-2021-comprehensive-guide-to-electric-scooter-laws/


Thanks for sharing! A great resource if you are unsure of the scooter laws in your state.

Riding electric scooters and eucs without registration and insurance, is a privilege we enjoy in the US.

I love PEVs, personal electric vehicles, and scooters and EUCs are some of my favorite. I love riding PEVs because they are a ton of fun and you don’t have the burden of having to register and insure them.

However, with all the new powerful scooters coming out I believe it’s only a matter of time before we need to license and register them.